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My common-law partner and I split after a 17-year relationship.  This was a difficult transition as we met in our early twenties and became adults together.  In our journey, we bought a beautiful loft that we shared for over 10 years, became part of each other’s extended families, had mutual friends, and had two high maintenance dogs we love very much (W & L).  We didn’t know what the future would hold, but being both respectful people we wanted the separation to go as smoothly as possible and not cause any further harm.  We figured that mediation was the best choice for us as we did not want an adversarial process.  After some research, we decided to engage Anne Freed to help facilitate our separation.  Anne helped us identify our mutual goals and kept us focused on what needed to be done.  Her friendly, fun and matter-of-fact personality helped us deal with these complex issues.  Her vast knowledge of family law enabled us to feel better educated. As the high-income earner, this knowledge helped me truly understand what the law means for me.   She was careful to remain neutral and to not give advice, but would present us with facts we should consider in our decision making.  We had plenty of homework to complete on our own, which then kept some of the mediation costs down.    At the end of the day, we had a draft separation agreement we could each take for independent legal advice to arrive at a final agreement, and have now started our new lives.   That’s not to say this journey was easy; it was still a very difficult process that took a lot of time and effort.  That said, we kept our goals in mind and got to the finish line as friends.  Overall, I felt like we worked through the process as a team of three: Me, My Ex, and Anne.

M.S. June 2017

Anne was integral in ensuring my ex-partner and I were able to maintain clear and respectful communication with one another throughout the entire mediation process. Anne’s legal background was also key in keeping us well informed and aware of our options (and possible repercussions) regarding financial matters, which helped us in arriving at a fair agreement in the end. Lastly, she was conducive in my ex-partner and me solidifying an ongoing and friendly relationship to this day. It truly was a pleasure working with Anne, who maintained a professional, caring and considerate disposition throughout the mediation process.

A.D, June 2017

Dear Anne;

Thank you for the effort you put forth in the mediation process. You were very professional, yet supportive and helpful. You made a life-changing situation a bit more bearable.

I enjoyed working with you. You explained everything so well; I felt I knew exactly what we were doing and why we were doing it. Thanks for everything.

B. H.

I visited Anne Freed with respect to a constructive trust claim against me by my former common law partner. Anne explained my position; she gave me excellent advice and strategy which has given me peace of mind. I recommend her highly.

M.G., September, 2014

Dear Anne,

Couldn’t forget to say thanks… because it really meant a lot! [Thank you card].

Thank you for my new lease on life!

April, 2013

I finally got around to making a will as well as powers of attorney and care. I sought out Anne as I had heard good things about her. I felt that Anne was really working WITH me as I grappled with difficult decisions. She challenged me to think carefully about what I wanted to achieve with these documents. In the end, I am very pleased with the process and the results. I highly recommend Anne as a lawyer for your will and powers of attorney and care.

Fall, 2014

Dear Anne;

I want to thank you for your work in handling my separation.

Thank you for helping to create a separation arrangement inside of which our son is properly taken care of, both emotionally and financially, and that his parents can get on creating the next part of their lives.

I want you to know that you made a difference in how I get to live my life.

J. L.

Dear Anne,

With sincere gratitude and appreciation –

As I write this I am legally divorced/single…! And I am sitting at my desk in my study in my condo.  I got keys to my new home on April 15th and moved into it April 20th and the divorce came into effect May 5th (Separation Agreement pending…) I have not forgotten that day you called me on my cell and agreed to take my case…[as our mediator]and the day you convinced my spouse to not cancel his trip to Toronto and to catch that plane with only an hour to spare!  And for being so instrumental in his finally agreeing to retain a lawyer…and for being an important part in these ways and others in helping to get the ball rolling.  You came alongside me and my lawyer and look where I am today.

Thank you,


May, 2013

Dear Anne,

Words are not enough to express the appreciation we all feel for the extra effort and hard work you put forth on our behalf.  We all hope now for a just and amicable solution to this case.  Again – many thanks!

August, 1997

Anne was absolutely instrumental in insuring that the agreement between my ex-husband and I was fair and equitable to us both. In her role as mediator, Anne has to balance the needs and wants of both parties and she did this while maintaining objectivity and without showing deference to either party. She was professional and courteous, always ensuring that we knew exactly what we were entitled to under the law.

At the end of the mediation process, we had an agreement that required very little individual counsel time and that we were both happy with. It was a pleasure working with her.

S. T.