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The Matrimonial Home and Prenups: What’s one got to do with the other? – October, 2023

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Can people negotiate a pre-nup after they are married, or is it too late? The surprising answer is yes! And this can be a solution for couples having COVID claustrophobia. – January, 2022

A “Quick and Dirty” Separation Agreement: Is it enough? – March, 2021

How to hire a divorce lawyer without breaking the bank! – January, 2021

Mediation of Marriage Contracts – Yes, They Can Be Done Mid-Marriage! – As a Solution for Couples Having COVID Claustrophobia – November, 2020

The Couple Having a First Meeting Together With a Lawyer/Mediator if Parties are Considering Divorce – November, 2020

Reflections by a Family Law Mediator on COVID’s Effects on Marriages and Common Law Relationships, and How a Marriage Contract can Provide a Solution – October, 2020

Reflections on the Movie “Marriage Story” by a Family Law Lawyer; and Introducing a Healthier Option. – March, 2020

Can People Negotiate a Prenup After they are Married, or is it Too Late; and, Using Mediation to Negotiate their Agreement. – January, 2020

What Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry Have Taught Us About Mediation; and Why Kawhi Would Make a Great Mediator! – June, 2019

Court or Mediation – a No Brainer? – March, 2019

Announcing my New and Exciting Area of Legal Practice! – November, 2018

Can I Use Mediation for My Divorce Even Though My Spouse and I Can’t Talk to Each Other? – October, 2018

You’ve Made the Decision to Meet With a Divorce Laywer to Discuss Your Possible Separation. So How Do You Decide With Whom You Will Meet? – July, 2018

Does Having a First Meeting With a Divorce Lawyer Mean That Your Marriage is Over? – June, 2018

“Kill All The Lawyers!” – March, 2018

See My Live Video Chat with Karyn Filiatrault About Navigating Separation and Divorce – February, 2018

Knowledge is Power, When One is Considering Separating From One’s Spouse or Partner – January, 2018

Family Law and Divorce Matters are 90% Emotional and 10% Law © Anne Freed – September, 2017

Happy Canada Day! And How to Re-Frame Your Divorce in Positive Terms – June, 2017

Welcome to My New Website! – March, 2017

Independent Legal Advice or “ILA” in a Separation Agreement – is There a Difference? – February, 2017

What Happens to a Spouse’s Interest in the Home When He/She Transfers it to His/Her Spouse’s Name and Then They Separate? – January, 2016

Transparency Between Lawyers in an ADR Process: What a Novel Idea! – November, 2013

Financial Disclosure – October, 2013

Blog Beginnings – July, 2013

Articles by Anne 

“Independent Legal Advice or “ILA” in a Separation Agreement – Is There a Difference?” – January, 2017

“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover!” – September, 2016

“What happens to a spouse’s interest in the home when he/she transfers it to his/her spouse’s name and then they separate?” – January, 2016

“What Does Court Do To People, and How a Shift to Alternative Processes can Change the Direction and Help Resolve the Matter” – May 20th, 2015

“Collaborative Divorce? You must be kidding!” – January, 2015

“Why do we need a will? and, Announcing my new area of practice in wills & estates” – August, 2014

“Financial Disclosure: Why is it Necessary in Separation Agreements?” – October, 2013

“Transparency Between Lawyers in an ADR Process: What a Novel Idea!” – May, 2013

The Role of Emotion in Dispute Resolution Processes” – May, 2012

“Independent Legal Advice or “ILA” in a Separation Agreement – Is There a Difference?” – January 18th, 2017

Collaborative Practice: A Holistic Approach

Positive Alternatives to Divorce Court: Mediation

Book Report on “Tug of War: A Judge’s Verdict on Separation, Custody Battles, and the Bitter Realities of Family Court” by The Honourable Mr. Justice Harvey Brownstone – July, 2009