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Anne Freed Family Law Lawyer Collaborative Toronto

About Anne

“I help people resolve their disputes with their personal and economic dignity intact.”

“I assist my clients going through marriage breakdown to move ahead to a healthy and positive future through a process that is positive, respectful and offers solutions.”

Anne Freed is a lawyer and a skilled mediator who believes in solving family law issues without her clients’ lives being torn apart. She brings expert knowledge of how divorce laws have evolved in Canada over the years as well as a broad legal mindset to her work . While having extensive experience and skill in litigation, Anne is an active proponent of, and has extensive training and experience in, non-adversarial legal processes for family law. She offers her clients a menu of divorce and separation processes, including Negotiation, Mediation and Collaborative Family Law.

“I firmly believe that, in most cases, court is not the answer for family law,” she says. “Whatever process option we choose, I constantly look out to protect the interests of my clients and make sure that they get a proper and fair agreement that stands the test of time even in the most complex and challenging cases.”

Equipped with over 35 years experience in Family Law, Anne deeply understands the legal system and the way other lawyers think. She believes in keeping clients informed and educating them about the legal issues they are facing. Most importantly, she works to reach a settlement that is fair, and in the best interests of her clients and their children.

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